Welcome to the Customer Support Center

We provide multiple ways to receive technical and commercial support about our digital platforms and services, please see all the options available below:

Support Ticketing System:

To expedite support requests and better serve you, we use a 24/7 support ticketing system (see menu above). Each support request is assigned a unique ticket number that you can use to track progress and responses online. A valid email address is required to submit a ticket. For your reference, we provide the complete tickets history of all your support requests.

Please note that the answers to your support requests will be done between few minutes to up to 48 hours based on the complexity of your questions and level of emergency.

If your ticket is related to the use of any of our digital platforms that you have acquired, you have a maximum number of tickets per year included with them. Each ticket time is for up to 15 minutes. If you reach the maximum amount of tickets in any year, you will be required to buy a new package of tickets to be able to help you.

Artificial Intelligence Assistant:

If you prefer to have a conversation with our Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant about any aspect related to our platforms, modules, and services, do so clicking this link:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistant

Please note that we are training the artificial intelligence model continuously to have a better behavior, however, this technology is still a work in progress, so you will need to ask it with all the possible details as well as trying that with several prompts to get the best results. Also, note that it´s only available now for ChatGPT Plus users.


If your questions are about domains, hosting, emails, or the use of our Hosting Control Panel functioning, you could look of our Knowledgebase (see menu above) where there are multiple categories of frequent questions and answers related with it.


Below to the right, you can see a floating chat bubble where you can access to our commercial (Andromeda) and technical (TecnoNator) chatbots, which will help you with information about our digital platforms and technical support.


In cases of emergency, and after the ticket has been issued, you can write a WhatsApp message to any of the following phone numbers:

  • +1 (209) 4183266
  • +1 (786) 6034768
  • +57 (314) 8286676
  • +57 (315) 6777279

The hours of operation for WhatsApp messaging support for emergencies are from 08:00 am to 05:00 pm.

In the message, please add the support ticket number and state the reason why you consider their situation to be an emergency.

Please note that messages received without a ticket number and/or that are not associated with a real emergency cannot be attended to in this way.

Video Conferences:

If the situation requires a conversation, the support engineer assigned to the case will ask you to make a video conference connection using our digital platform TecnoMeetings. If so, please follow these steps:

  • Click on the link received at the ticket to go to the virtual room.
  • Enter your First and Last Name.
  • Click on the privacy acceptance box.
  • Click on the Enter button.
  • Select the Microphone icon.
  • Perform the sound test and if you hear what it says, click the green button. Otherwise, click the red button and choose the correct microphone, perform the sound test again until you hear yourself and click the green button.
  • Ready. You will now be in the virtual meeting room.

Remote Control:

If the situation requires a remote access to your computer to help you solving any issue, the support engineer assigned to the case will ask you to install a remote-control software. If so, please have ready one of the following options installed:

Screen Captures:

To be more detailed, please include screen captures (images or videos) showing what is causing your request for support. To do that, you could install ShareX on your computer. Please read this article to understand how to use it.

Social Media:

To receive information about any eventuality with the services, as well as articles of interest, follow us on X (Twitter) @tecnosoluciones or like our Facebook Fan Page.

Gift Book:

Download our FREE BOOK just for our Fans and Followers!! (Only in Spanish now):

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